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Central Avenue

This page lists lots of tourist information for those who are residents and those who are visitors. Destinations and attractions along Central Avenue, north of Thomas are listed on this page.

Click here if you are thinking: “But I want to explore SOUTH of Thomas!”

Nearby features and platform artwork

Nearby features, platform artwork, special events, celebrations, festivals, and more


Camelback Road @ 7th Ave

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The Men of Charlies have donated nearly a million dollars to various charities across the country. Always a hot time at this HR Men’s Club.

The 7th Avenue Stop is where you can park in the Fry’s parking lot for your day of tourism. Be sure to shop at the store after your journey, as a way of telling them Thank you! Keep in mind though: this lot is not monitored by cameras, the way the Park and Ride lots are. A visit to McDonald’s or Staples would be another way to say Thanks.

Central Ave and Camelback
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If you go the the NW corner of the platform, you will see a twelve foot circle. The segments of the circle represent segments of history throughout the Valley.

Central Ave and Campbell

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Monday through Friday you will see thousands of students heading from or to the several high schools accessible from this stop. Plan on an extra five minutes if driving or walking through this area in the morning or early afternoon as the transfer from home to school takes place.

Central Ave and Indian School

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If you walk just a little bit north, you can take the first stoplight into Steele Park where you can visit the Indian School Museum and walk around Indian School Park.

Back in the 60’s the White Men (in their infinite wisdom) tried to convert the savages to the ways of the white man. This was a total fiasco, and was not welcomed in the first place. It robbed many native Americans of their heritage and their very identity. We can’t make up for this travesty, but we can apologize and never forget the lesson we learned from it.

The artwork featured at this stop is “Phoenix Then and Now” and you will see many old photos of Phoenix before we reached the nearly two million population we host today.

Central Ave and Park Central / Osborn

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Park Central is one of the original “big” malls in the Phoenix Metro area. It is located where it is because it is SOOOOO far out of town. That was fifty years ago, and SOOOOO far out of town is now nearly downtown. Many public special events take place in the mall parking lot. Keep your eyes open for something happening.

Today artwork is featured that depicts the winds that swept across the Phoenix Desert so many years ago. The same feature is carried through at other stops, providing shade from the hot afternoon summer (and autumn and spring) sun.

Central Ave and Thomas

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Have you ever seen a thirty foot indian? You can see a statue of an American Indian on the north-east corner of Thomas and Central.

Central Ave and Encanto

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One of the primary tourist destinations at this stop is the Heard Museum. If you are a visitor, this is a must-see. If you are a resident who has never visited this museum, this is a must-see. I don’t even get a bonus for referrals! Really though… this museum hosts many treasures that will let you know just how special Phoenix really is.

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