Hop on / Hop off Along 19th Avenue

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Nearby features and platform artwork

Nearby features, platform artwork, special events, celebrations, festivals, and more


Dunlap Ave @ 19th
The artwork for this stop has not yet been determined.

El Rancho is up near Dunlap. There are ice cream shops, sushi bars, clothing stores, and grocery stores. On the other corner (across from the Park and Ride) are places for burgers, pizzas, subs, wings and shopping. Can you survive the Hot Wing Challenge? Far east on Dunlap will also take you to John C Lincoln Hospital.

Northern Ave @ 19th
The artwork for this stop has not yet been determined.

At Northern Avenue we have a little ethnic pocket with Vietnamese, Mexican, Italian, Chinese, and more.

Glendale Ave @ 19th
The artwork for this stop has not yet been determined.

Glendale Avenue has a Dog Park, Washington School, and an Animal Hospital.

Bethany Home Road @ 19th

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Bethany Home Road is currently the end of the line, and the largest Park and Ride on this end of the Light Rail. At Bethany Home, you can visit any of the stores within Christown Shopping Mall including Costco, Target, WalMart and even go the movies at Harkins Cinemas. Bethany is also where you would go to visit someone in Phoenix Baptist Hospital.

If you want to take a day-trip on the Light Rail this is a good place to park your car. The Park and Ride is larger, and you can board a train at your leisure, and sit in air-conditioned comfort while you wait for your tour to begin. Be sure to buy your ticket before you get on the platform. Fines for not having a ticket are steep.

Camelback Road @ 19th

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Camelback Road and 19th Ave is where the light rail turns the corner off 19th Ave (or on… depending on which train you were on!)

There is an interesting Asian Store north of Camelback right about 17th Avenue. Stop in and pick up a small jar of Kim Chee, one of the staples of many types of Asian cuisine.

Goodwill has opened a new Super Store south of Camelback at 17th Avenue. Check their website for daily specials.

If you want to take a day-trip on the Light Rail this is the second-best place to park your car. First place is Bethany Home Road. Scroll up to see why!

Camelback Road @ 7th Ave – Also known as the Melrose District

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The Men of Charlies have donated nearly a million dollars to various charities across the country. Always a hot time at this HR Men’s Club.

The 7th Avenue Stop is where you can park in the Fry’s parking lot for your day of tourism. Be sure to shop at the store after your journey, as a way of telling them Thank you! Keep in mind though: this lot is not monitored by cameras, the way the Park and Ride lots are. A visit to McDonald’s or Staples would be another way to say Thanks.

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