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yellow_map_pins1Thanks for visiting ARIZ.COM for information about businesses located along the Valley Metro Light Rail. You can look for our yellow dot, or an M for Light Rail construction specials. Visit Ariz.net for more about these MONEY SAVING COUPONS from our network of businesses located throughout the valley. Ariz.org is the portion of our site dedicated to the people without whom the ARIZ DOT network would cease to exist. Ariz.net Ariz.com and Ariz.org are web sites dedicated to making your life in this great valley easier.

Look for Metro Map Pin discounts throughout the website.

Valley Web Metro Maps ARE NOT part of Valley Metro. Valley Web Metro Maps are a private search engine designed to help you explore the Light Rail system serving the Phoenix area. The maps are broken into SIX distinct segments: 19th Avenue, Camelback Ave, Central Avenue, Washington/Jefferson, Tempe and Mesa.
At this time, the segments are being developed. Please be patient.

This site will help people use the Light Rail and find restaurants and shops easily. This site is a collection of links so that you can explore any area near a Light Rail stop. Use the links above (or to the right) to get to an area that you want to explore, use the Google Map to scroll around the area, and use the links below the map to explore shops and restaurants located in the area.

Return to the links to start a new area.

The Northest Phase I to Dunlap Ave will be completed in 2016. Future projects will extend the Light Rail to the Metro Center Transit Center.

The Mesa Extension to Mesa Drive will be completed in 2015. Future projects will extend the Light Rail to Gilbert Road.

The Shop on 19th Ave and Shop on Main Street Campaigns are designed to help businesses along the Construction Route get customers in their doors, and it’s designed to save YOU money.

If you are a business that wants to sign up for the Campaign, please contact Jorge Llamas at jllamas@valleymetro.org or call him at 602-495-8269.

Also consider signing up for the Valley Web Metro Maps program that may save you money all along the Light Rail.

Thanks for using this site. Please provide feedback HERE in the comment box at the bottom of the page.




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