19th and Camelback – FOOD and FUN

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Restaurants, Fast Food Joints, Convenience Stores, Grocery Stores, Theaters, Museums

Fattoush Restaurant – South on 19th Ave
My Mother’s Restaurant – Lunch Specials available for Delivery Mon-Thurs

Cafe Sai Gon – South on 19th Ave
Camelback Liquors – NW Corner
Church’s Chicken – NW Corner
Circle K – South on 19th Ave
Country Boys Restaurant – West on Camelback
Dairy Queen Brazier – Far West on Camelback
De Vang Coffee Shop – South on 19th Ave
Fattoush Restaurant – South on 19th Ave
Filiberto’s Mexican Food – West on Camelback
Food City – South on 19th Ave
Four Kings Cocktail Lounge – North on 19th
Goodwill Superstore – Corner Camelback and 17th
IchiBowl Asian Restaurant – North on 19th
Las Islas Del Capitain – Far West on Camelback
Little Caesars Pizza – East on Camelback
Loi Phat Oriental Food Grocery – East on Camelback
Momo Mart – Far West on Camelback
Namaste Market – SE Corner
Pepe’s Taco Villa – West on Camelback
Pho Thanh Oriental Restaurant – East on Camelback
Snap Lounge – East on Camelback
Special Events
Special events happening in this area, plus ticket information if applicable, will be posted here as that information is available.

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