19th Ave

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Use these links to explore destinations along 19th Avenue.

Use the search box (to the right) to look for a business, store or restaurant by name or topic. (eg: Pizza)

  • Dunlap Ave: The 9000 Block
    – Future Stop and PARK and RIDE
  • Northern Ave: The 8000 Block
    – Future Stop at Northern Ave
  • Glendale Ave: The 7000 Block
    – Future Stop at Glendale Ave
  • Christown/Montebello: The 6000 Block
    – Current last stop & PARK and RIDE

    – This stop is just south of Bethany Home Road
  • Camelback @ 19th Ave: The 5000 Block
    – A small PARK and RIDE

There is a 19th Avenue Connector that is FREE. Look for Bus # 19C. It goes all the way from Metro Center to 19th Avenue, and then south all the way to Park and Ride south of Bethany Home Road. You can view the list of all Neighborhood Connectors HERE.